Jenny lived and worked in Cambodia for nearly four years, from Jan 2010 - November 2013.  She was working with a non-government-organization (NGO) called Foursquare Children of Promise (FCOP). Her main responsibilities were international relations and teams, including project management, grant writing and other jobs that fell under these categories. Some of her best memories are the friendships that were formed, both with the Cambodians and the international visitors. Below is an overview video that Lukas made for FCOP in Spring, 2014. Both Jenny and Lukas have been deeply effected by their years of ongoing partnership with FCOP, and they plan to continue to support the NGO in the future. 


FCOP has, to date, housed, educated and raised 12,000 orphand and abandoned children in Cambodia. Something that is special to this NGO is that they give priority to local widows when they are hiring, and they have no paid western staff. Of the 500 staff serving with FCOP, there are only three western volunteers who help manage international relations and host visitors and service teams. 

FCOP Ministry Overview Cambodia