Bacteria testing


In 2014 and 2016 we tested a more than 20 orphan homes using this dipslide bacteria test. The stick is dipped into the water source, then stored in a sterile bottle for 24-48 hours. Any bacteria that is in the water grows on the dipslide and become visible to the eye. While this test is not accurate enough to determine the type of bacteria, it is a good option for rural situations where a laboratory is hours away (such as most locations in Cambodia). 

good water

without bacteria

very bad water

coliform bacteria

Water testing for coliform bacteria: if the liquid turns yellow after 24 to 48 hours the water is probably contaminated with bad bacterias (fecal bacteria).

Arsenic testing

Arsenic is chemical pollution mostly of groundwater and very poisonous. It accumulates in the body and after several years it could damage organs and lead to death. It only occurs only in certain regions. So it is important to test it. 

various tests made in the orphan homes